When you and your partner ask a doctor for help with infertility, he may suggest a way called “artificial insemination.” it’s an easy procedure with few side effects, and it can help some couples who haven’t been ready to get pregnant.

In AI, a doctor inserts sperm directly into the cervix, fallopian tubes or a woman’s uterus. the foremost common method is named “intrauterine insemination (IUI)” when a doctor places sperm within the uterus.

Why is that this useful? It makes the trip shorter for sperm and prevents any obstruction. Your doctor may suggest this method first as a treatment for infertility.

What quite an infertility can AI treat?
The procedure is often used for several sorts of fertility problems. In cases involving male infertility, it’s often used when there’s a really low sperm count or when the sperm isn’t strong enough to swim through the cervix and climb into the fallopian tubes. When the matter is female infertility, it’s sometimes done if you’ve got a condition called endometriosis or have something abnormal in your reproductive organs.

This method can also be right for you if you’ve got something called “non-receptive cervical mucus.” meaning that the mucus surrounding the cervix prevents sperm from entering the uterus and fallopian tubes. AI allows sperm to skip cervical mucus completely.

Doctors also often suggest AI once they cannot discover the rationale why a few are infertile.

What to expect during the procedure
Your doctor will use ovulation kits, ultrasound or blood tests to form sure you’re ovulating once you receive AI. Then, your partner must provide a sample of your semen. The doctor will suggest that your partner avoid sexual activity for two to five days before the procedure to form sure your sperm count is high.

If you reside near the clinic, your partner can collect a semen sample reception. If not, it’ll be during a private room. the rationale it helps if you reside near the doctor’s office is that sperm must be “washed” during a laboratory within 1 hour of ejaculation.