Repeated pregnancy failures need special care in the treatment
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One of the saddest events within the lifetime of marriage is once they discover that their long-awaited pregnancy has failed. And when it happens quite once, many couples fall under utter despair and depression. the reality is, most of them don’t get to.

Because there’s help and there’s hope.

It is important to know that one pregnancy loss is far more common than people think and is usually a random event, which shouldn’t be a priority for the couple. But, the repeated failure of pregnancy are some things completely different and it’s important to know what the causes are.

Here are six quite common reasons for repeated pregnancy failures.

Chromosomal abnormalities

The mismatched chromosomes are estimated to account for a minimum of 3 out of 5 cases of pregnancy loss. A baby inherits a group of chromosomes from the mother and one from the daddy, but when one (or both) is flawed, the chromosomes cannot align properly and thus the resulting embryo could also be abnormal and therefore miscarry. If a few have had two or more pregnancy failures, the couple should have had a chromosomal abnormality test to rule them out.

Incompetent uterine and cervical abnormalities.

Some women have an abnormally shaped or divided uterus. In such cases, the fertilized embryo cannot implant (adhere to the wall of the uterus) or, if it does, it cannot get the food it needs. Sometimes a lady features a weakened or cervix that can’t contain the fetus. These represent 1 in 10 cases. Unfortunately, this problem can’t be discovered until repeated pregnancy failure occurs and a diagnosis is formed during a clinic.

Immunological disorders

For an adult female body, sperm may be a foreign object then is that the embryo. Unless a sign is shipped through the body, the system can reject the sperm or embryo. But sometimes, the system doesn’t receive or understand this message and this results in the failure of the pregnancy.

Untreated diseases, like thyroid problems and uncontrolled diabetes.

Thyroid conditions and uncontrolled diabetes are related to “unfavorable” uterine environments. the consequences of those conditions make it difficult for the embryo to survive. These conditions must be corrected before any subsequent plan to have a toddler occur.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS, a frequent explanation for recurrent pregnancy failure, occurs when a lady produces an excessive amount of testosterone, causing irregular ovulation and menstruation. It also causes insulin resistance, which prevents the endometrial lining from maturing properly. Unfortunately, PCOS may be a growing occurrence in India. you would like proper monitoring and treatment because PCOS causes up to 1 in 10 failures.

Lifestyle (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, environmental toxins)

Aggressive smokers and drinkers have a better risk of losing pregnancies, as do women who add environments with a high level of poisons and contamination.

The effective solution to repeated pregnancy failures: infertility treatment

Properly performed infertility treatment, like IUI, IVF, or ICSI, can make a difference for couples who have faced repeated failures in pregnancy. Couples can undergo tests to detect chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, and doctors can make sure that the foremost viable embryos implant within the uterus with the assistance of advanced technologies like PGS and PGD.

In essence, couples can enjoy rapidly evolving science within the field of infertility treatments. And by maintaining a positive state of mind, they will rediscover hope and eventually, through thick and thin, experience the happiness of getting their own child.

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