Does Having An Abortion Affect Your Future Fertility?
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The termination of an unscheduled or unwanted pregnancy occurs. Life goes by Fast forward to where it is time to contemplate the beginning of the family expansion. Women often worry if they won’t be able to have children in the future. A viable concern is whether the termination (often of past years) has a fertility effect that advances rapidly.

The data is clear. Terminations by medical or surgical means do not affect future fertility. Only abortions associated with complications can affect future fertility. The risk of a major complication as a result of legal abortion is extremely low: 0.23%. As a matter of perspective, vaginal delivery and cesarean sections have greater risks to maternal health than an interruption.

Although extremely rare, complications that may affect infertility are related to the procedure or the incomplete removal or expulsion of the products of conception. These include uterine injury, infection and significant bleeding, which may require further surgery.

Advancing with the family expansion is exactly about advancing and optimizing care, promoting health and working towards a healthy and established family.

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